Sunday, July 1, 2018

Baby Shower

On Saturday, we had a baby shower for myself and baby Arianna. I was pretty excited, so I did a lot of the planning and decorating myself (with the help of family).

I had fallen in love with this onesie set, so I decided to use it to decorate. 

The funnest part was making the cake. Over the last 10 years I've made dozens of cakes for the nephews. It was so fun to make a girly cake. 

I wish I had taken a closer picture. On the gift table, I used a few gifts as decorations. In the wicker basket is 2 afghan blankets. One was made by my great grandma Hamblin and the other was made by my grandma Ruth. My grandma gave them to me years ago in hopes we would one day get to adopt. I'm so glad I hung on to them all these years. Also next to the basket is the cute doll a friend made for me. 

I made some small diaper cakes as center pieces and had some "it's a girl" Hershey Kisses as guest favors. 

My brother's girlfriend, Miranda, made a diaper wreath and diaper cake. They turned out gorgeous!

Because Ari means "lioness of God", I decided to buy a stuffed lion for her monthly pictures. 

In one corner, we had a headband making station so the guest could make a few headbands for the baby. 

The headband corner was awesome. I love all the cute hairbands I ended up with. I can't wait to try them all out on Ari when she gets here. 

One of the games was "Oh Crap". It was diapers that had melted chocolate and the guest had to guess what chocolate bar was in each diaper. I put Heather in charge of it. I love how she put the chocolates in her car to melt the chocolate. 

 Another game was diaper bong. Each guest got 3 ping pong balls. They had to bounce them off the table and into the diapers. If they got at least 2 of the balls in, they got a prize. 

I didn't plan it on purpose, but it ended up being a diaper themed party. On one table, I set out diapers guest could write messages on. We'll use those to help us get through those midnight diaper changes with a laugh. Some of the cute sayings were "Isn't it daddy's turn?" and "That ain't roses you're smelling." 

One the same table, we had a diaper raffle. Each guest had the chance to bring a package of diapers and was then entered into a drawing for a free gift card. I didn't get a picture of that, but we ended up with a ton of diapers and wipes. I'm sure we'll still have to buy many more over the next year or two, but this will go a long way in helping us out.

Arianna was super spoiled. She has plenty of diapers, wipes, and cute outfits a plenty. 

 One of the few cat outfits. I love it!

Another cat nap outfit. My friends know me well. 

I still have days I can't believe I'm pregnant. I'm 29 weeks pregnant, so only 11 more weeks to go. Baby Ari will be here before we know it.