Thursday, June 21, 2018

Valex's 8th Birthday

This year, we were able to celebrate Valex's birthday twice. His dad and bonus mom, Pamela, invited us to his party they were throwing. In the end, the rest of my family couldn't go, but we decided to still go celebrate with them. 

It was a last minute thing for us, or I would have made a cake. But Pamela found this awesome cake for him. 

We decided to get a gift for the party, but then keep the original gift we bought for when my family got together to celebrate. 

The biggest gift of the day came from his dad and Pamela. The box was bigger than him, so we knew it would be cool. 

 It was a pocket rocket motorcycle. He was excited. Later, I heard his brother tell Pamela he wants a blue one. She told him he needed to be a little bigger first. 

Seeing him on that motorcycle took me back to Christmas 2012 when Valex was just 2 years old. I had just walked into the house and he was playing with the hot wheel toys he had gotten. He was sitting on a toy motorcycle and saying "too big, too big." I about cried when I found the picture and realized how big he has gotten. When did this cute little boy grow up?

He was even nice enough to let his brother take a turn. 

A few days later, my sister sent me pictures of him getting his birthday card in the mail.  

About a week after his birthday, we realized my family was all busy and it would be hard to coordinate a party for every one to come. So Vince and I decided to take Valex and his family to dinner. We gave him his other gift there. 

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  1. Looks like he really liked the present you gave him!