Tuesday, December 19, 2017

City Christmas Lights

When I was a kid, we would go to my aunt's house in Odgen. In December, we would always go check out the Christmas Village there. I always loved it. I had actually forgotten about it, until a friend posted pictures of it on Facebook a few weeks ago. The nostalgia was stirred up and I wanted to go. It took a few weeks to work it into our schedule, but we were able to go to the city last weekend. 

We went out Friday night so Vince could participate in a dart tournament, which he took first place in. On Saturday we did some shopping in SLC and then headed to Ogden. One of his friends little girl had a birthday, so we met with his and a few other friends for pizza and ice cream. I was able to see where Vince had been living before he came to Roosevelt. 

We had invited them to join us for the Christmas lights, but they all had other plans, so it was just the two of us. Vince had helped remodel a hotel right across from the park where the Christmas Village is, so he knew right where to go. 

I loved it! We spent about an hour wondering around, enjoying all the different lights and displays. I feel so blessed to have someone in my life who loves this time of year as much as I do. 

As we were getting ready to leave, we passed a hot cocoa stand. Of course he had to buy some, so we wondered around for a few more minutes. 

On Sunday, we were able to have breakfast with his brother and one of his nieces, and then later that day we had lunch with his other niece. We also decided to attend the Victory Outreach church in SLC, which turned out extra special because they had a pastor visiting from California. It was an awesome weekend. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Cards 2018

I've been so busy with work, school and life in general that I didn't have time to make cards this year. But while I was decluttering my spare bedroom, I found some cards I made a few years ago. I added a few stamped images to the envelope and they were ready to go. 

I also decided to do my picture collage letter to go inside the card. I always find it more fun to let the pictures show my year instead of just writing about it. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Work Christmas Party

 A few days before my work Christmas party, they decided to turn it into an ugly sweater party. Because of my grandpa's funeral, I didn't have time to throw something together. So I found some Christmas tops on Amazon and decided that would have to work for this year. 

I couldn't decide which one to order for myself, so of course I ordered more than one. I have loved them!

For Vince, I figured I couldn't go wrong with a Bronco's sweater. 

Every year, at the party, they will highlight the employees that have been there for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc. Our CEO has been with the company 45 years! The other thing they do is they will highlight some of the funny, and embarrassing things, employees did during the year. For 11 years, I have managed to keep my nose clean and never been mentioned. But that changed this year. 

Earlier in the spring, I was walking through the foyer and saw something on the floor. At first, I thought it was a piece of chocolate. I bent over to pick it up, but just before I did, I decided to use a tissue. So I asked the girls at the front desk for a tissue. After I had picked up the item, and deposited it in the trash, they informed me that a customer had just been in, with his dog. It was not chocolate I had picked up. Needless to say, it came up months later Christmas party, where I received the "Pooper Scooper Award". 

 At the end, they had everyone in a Christmas sweater stand up so the judges could choose a winner. There was some fun sweaters there so I figured we wouldn't win. But it turns out the judges are not Bronco's fans and they declared Vince the winner. He got to draw from the prize money and won $20. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Tree 2018

Last year, I bought an artificial, prelit tree. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but I've actually enjoyed it. The day after Thanksgiving, I dug it out and decorated it. 

A few nights later, I came home to the find a present underneath it. 

The next weekend, I was informed flowers on a tree are not very Christmasy and we decided to redecorate it. The prelit lights have several settings in white and color. The first change we made was I started using the colored lights setting. Then we added garland and a pack of red, green and gold Christmas balls. 

By far, the best part was having someone to decorate the tree with. The tree was always just my thing, but I loved sharing something I love so much with someone I love. 

I did add a few of the flowers back to fill in some of the gaps. Next year, we'll buy a few more decorations and maybe not need the flowers, or at least not as many. 

Some nights I still use the white lights. 

I must admit, Vince was right. It is far more Christmasy now and I love it. 

The cats love it too. Percy doesn't get under the tree as much (or at least he doesn't get caught under there), but Gaby is usually down there and Blue is pretty much always under the tree. He loves it. We tried squirting them when they got in the tree, but it didn't seem to affect him.
Cats - 1 Humans - 0. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Concert

Christmas came a little early this year. My mom decided to buy us all tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Concert that was a few days before Thanksgiving. The night started with dinner at Tuscano's Brazillian Grill. After that, we walked to the Vivint Smart Home Arena Center, where my mom informed us she had gotten us front row seats! The concert was awesome! I took a few pictures, but ended up stealing most of them from my sister's Facebook page. 

Seriously, front row seats. As in, when they came off the stage, they were right in our faces. 

Thanks mom for the awesome Christmas gift. 

After the concert, we walked back to our hotel for the night. The next day, I had to do a few things in SLC, so I didn't end up driving home until that night. I had to stop and take a picture of the sunset over Strawberry Reservoir.