Monday, May 29, 2017

Rock Creek

On Friday, Vince and I drove up to Rock Creek. We started with a picnic, and then headed up the trail. I wasn't sure if the snow had cleared off the trail, but I did want to see how close the water was to spilling over the damn. 

It looks like the water still has a ways to go before it gets that high. The trail was clear, but you can still see quite a bit of snow higher up that still needs to melt. Hopefully it will spill over on a weekend so we can go back up again. 

We hiked on the trial for a while, until we could find a path down to the lake. After that, we followed the water for a few miles, before we found a way back up to the trail. Of course, we all remember that I got lost last fall, so I'm glad I had someone with me this time. I probably wouldn't have gone so far, and defiantly not left the trail if I had been alone.

It was nice to have someone else with me to take my picture, even if he did make fun of my selfie taking skills. 

Vince is a goofball and had me laughing pretty much the entire time. 

I was shocked when we reached the wilderness boundary sign. I haven't ever gone up the trail that far.

When we got back to the car, we decided to drive up to the other side of the damn and and walk down the boat ramp. While we were there, Vince spotted a few mountain goats above us. The one even walked around a bit so we stayed there for a while and watched them. 

It was so nice to get out and go to the mountains. I always feel like life is so much better up there. 

Orldando - Day 7 - Coming Home

I still had one cupcake left, so I had it for breakfast Saturday morning while I enjoyed one last view of the hotel from my deck. 

At the airport, I learned an important lesson. A blinged out shirt will set up the security sensor. TSA was kind and efficient and got me through quickly. From now on, I will remember to wear a boring t-shirt when I fly. 

I always love going someplace new. But when I see the Rocky Mountains outside the window, I am happy to be home. 

I think all three cats missed me, but Blue would NOT leave my side when I got home. 

Orlando Day 6 - Paycon Day 4

My goal this year, was to be active. To speak up in class and ask questions. To make new friends. I wanted to learn, but I wanted to enjoy myself. I don't want to stand in the corner anymore, I want to be out there doing things. It would seem that worked because by the end of the week, I was showing up in a few of the photographer's pictures on the Congress Facebook page. 

That night, after classes ended, we decided to go to Disney Springs and find a place to eat. We had to take 2 vehicles, so I rode with Adriann and then we met the other ladies there. 

We went to a yummy Cuban Restaurant. We started with a toast to new friendships. 

It was my last night in Orlando and I celebrated with a black and white Sprinkles cupcake. 

Orlando - Day 5 - Paycon Day 3

Thursday morning started off a little rough. I had taken my small blender with me so I could make my Isagenix shake for breakfast each morning. Its better cold, so each day, I would go get some ice from the machine by the vending machine to mix in with it. But this morning, I grabbed the key sleeve, without realizing the key wasn't in it. I had to walk to the lobby, in my pj pants, bathrobe, hair turban, with a lip scrub on and let them know I had locked myself out of my room. To which the lady responded, "do you have ID on you?" I looked down at my bathrobe and said no, I was just trying to get some ice real quick and locked myself out. She called security and they met me at my room. Or course, I passed a dozen people between my room and the lobby, dressed like this. 

I have to post this picture to prove I didn't look like that the rest of the day. 

At the expo, I got my picture with Elvis. 

The night was the Congress Payroll Palooza Party. This year, the theme was rocker. I found a cute shirt on Amazon and then my sister let me borrow her cute gloves to go with it. 

Hanging with my friends at the party. Adriann, JoAnn, Mary and Lisa. These ladies are awesome and I'm glad I was able to meet them. 

Mary helped me add several glow stick rings to my outfit throughout the night. That night, I took off like 26 when I got back to my room. 

My new friend Lisa.