Monday, June 12, 2017

Uintah County Fair - Ned LeDoux Concert

Other than when I've helped my uncle with his food stand, I've never really been to a county fair before. When I saw that Ned LeDoux was going to be at the Uintah County Fair, I thought it would be fun to go. I figured I'd ask Vince to go with me, since he's new to the area.

Since I had never been, I wasn't sure what to expect. We decided to go over a few hours early and see what else they had. We watched some of the goat shows and then bought some food to enjoy on the bleachers. 

After lunch, we went back inside to catch a short reptiles show. They had a tarantula, lizards, snakes, an alligator and turtles. This big turtle was the only one I remembered to take a picture. of. 

After that, we took a quick break to run to Walmart because we didn't want to go after the show when it was late. We got back just in time to find some good seats for the show. I've only ever been to 2 concerts, so I was pretty excited. Ned LeDoux was awesome and he reminded me a lot of his dad, Chris LeDoux. 

It was a fun day and now I can't wait for the Duchesne County Fair so I can go check it out also. 

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  1. I have never heard of him so I'm glad you got to go!