Friday, March 30, 2018

Bridal Shower

Just a few weeks before the wedding, we decided to throw together a bridal shower. It was held the night before the wedding so my new mother in-law, Kathie, could attend. I was busy visiting and forgot to take pictures until the end. We started with a dinner of Hawaiian Haystacks and a game of guessing how many candies were in a jar. Then we played a fun get to know you game where each person listed 5 unique things about them and then every one had to guess who it was about. We ended the night with gifts. Luckily my cousin and my sister took some pictures. 

I had mentioned to Heather I still needed something blue for my wedding. So she had this garter belt made for the special day. 

I thought it was so funny that I ended up with a new silverware organizer from my best friend and then a few gifts later, I got new silverware from Kathie. 

My favorite gift was from my aunt Calleen. She had a container of fresh, frozen, beef and various canned good, including the recipes to make a few different meals. I thought it was so creative. I decided to keep everything until the baby comes so I'll have meals ready to make the first week or two after she comes.  

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