Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First Date

10 days post divorce and I had my first date. I thought I would be a ball of nerves. I spent the last 15 years married and the 2 years before that I was dating my ex. So its been about 17 years since I had a "first date". I was surprised at how excited I was. 

It was a blind date that my friend Ashley set me up on. She was also kind enough to be my double date so I wouldn't be quite so nervous. We decided to meet our dates at a neutral location and then go from there. Any nerves I had disappeared the second I realized what a sweetheart my date was. It was so refreshing to have someone treat me so kindly. 

When we got there, we introduced ourselves. His name was Matt and he had a gorgeous smile. I assumed Ashley and I would be riding in the back seat, but when I went to climb in, he said that his date was riding up front with him. As we got ready to leave, he told us we were headed to the mountains and I realized I left my coat in my car. I told Matt I needed to grab it, but he insisted he would.  

Our first stop was the store where we picked out sandwich stuff and a few other treats. Then we headed up Uintah Canyon. Shortly after we turned off the highway, we spotted a moose. Matt got in the bed of the truck to take some pictures and was able to see a second moose with him. We also saw deer, turkeys and elk. 

For being a blind date, it was perfect. I love the mountains so it was far better than going to dinner somewhere. We found a good spot and stopped to build a fire. Then we just visited and joked around.  

 I'm grateful that Jesus has restored my joy so I can put myself out there and meet new people. I think I am going to enjoy single life far more than I thought I would.

Ashley had set some rules before the date that he couldn't ask for my number. I wish I had given it to him anyways. Matt was able to keep me talking and laughing. I had so much fun. It was refreshing to have such a successful first date and to learn there are still amazing men out there. 

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  1. I like the picture of the whole group! It sounds like you had a good time and that he was a gentleman. :)