Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

This year, I decided to not stress that I was alone, but instead do my best to make it the best Christmas yet. 

On Christmas Eve, I got new pajamas and fuzzy socks. 

I was well spoiled by family and friends. I felt so loved!

I was thrilled to find the perfect pajama shirt. Most days, I live on Jesus and coffee. 

I've actually had the presents under the tree for a few weeks now, just to keep the tree skirt in place. The cats didn't like this. Today, as soon as the presents were gone, they were back under the tree. 

I left the tree lights on last night. I loved waking up to the tree all lit up. 

Before I got ready for church, I decided to open my stocking. 

After I opened my stocking, I hopped in the shower to get ready for church. When I got out, I went downstairs to get my breakfast. Instead, I found some cats who decided to put themselves on the naughty list. Yesterday, I thought it would be nice to have some pretty flowers by my tree, so I bought a small vase of roses. 

They did look pretty, until someone decided to destroy them. After further inspection, I found chew marks on the ribbon that was around the vase of flowers. I'm pretty sure Percy was trying to get the ribbon, which in turned knocked over the vase and then they decided to eat the rose instead. 

After church, I came home to open the rest of my presents. I think the one I was the most excited for was a new kitchen table. Its not assembled yet, but a friend is going to help me put it together next week. 

The cats checking out their package of crinkle balls they got. It came with a dozen. Percy is convinced they are ALL his. 

Percy and Blue had fun playing in the wrapping paper while I unwrapped my presents. 

I must say, its like Santa knew exactly what I wanted! I felt very fortunate that I could spoil myself this year. 

 Once again, I am amazed at how far Jesus has carried me this year. He is the air I breathe and I am forever grateful for his Peace and Love. 

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  1. I liked your idea of waking up to the tree already being lit! I can't believe how the kitties shredded that rose! What little crazies. ;) It looks like they also loved their present too. :)