Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Tree 2018

Last year, I bought an artificial, prelit tree. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but I've actually enjoyed it. The day after Thanksgiving, I dug it out and decorated it. 

A few nights later, I came home to the find a present underneath it. 

The next weekend, I was informed flowers on a tree are not very Christmasy and we decided to redecorate it. The prelit lights have several settings in white and color. The first change we made was I started using the colored lights setting. Then we added garland and a pack of red, green and gold Christmas balls. 

By far, the best part was having someone to decorate the tree with. The tree was always just my thing, but I loved sharing something I love so much with someone I love. 

I did add a few of the flowers back to fill in some of the gaps. Next year, we'll buy a few more decorations and maybe not need the flowers, or at least not as many. 

Some nights I still use the white lights. 

I must admit, Vince was right. It is far more Christmasy now and I love it. 

The cats love it too. Percy doesn't get under the tree as much (or at least he doesn't get caught under there), but Gaby is usually down there and Blue is pretty much always under the tree. He loves it. We tried squirting them when they got in the tree, but it didn't seem to affect him.
Cats - 1 Humans - 0. 

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  1. Oh, kitties and their Christmas trees! Cecil still loves our new artificial tree, but not quite as much since it doesn't have a water bowl. ;)