Thursday, March 2, 2017

Business of the Month

Utah Power Credit Union was selected as the Business of the Month. Since my cousin works there, he asked me to be in the picture with him, along with a few other Moon Lake Electric employees since we are their main customers at this location. 

I was tempted to say no, because it was one of the very few days I didn't wear black. (Seriously, its about all I wear.) But since the weather had been starting to warm up, I was trying to wear all of my sweaters one more time for the season. The reason I agreed to be in the picture is because earlier that day, I had found an old picture, in the same sweater, and I couldn't believe the difference!

On the left is February 2017 and on the right is November 2016. I was shocked to see how much weight I have lost. I was also thrilled to see how long my hair is getting. 

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