Wednesday, March 22, 2017


This year, with all the stress of work and school, my Younique business has kind of taken a place on the back burner. I still sell it, but I don't promote it as much as I would like to. So I decided to find a balance by at least trying to post a selfie of my look everyday. 

Its been fun. It has forced me to break out of the norm and try some different looks from time to time. I've also learned the importance of blending and I've started to try and keep my eye brows plucked better so they have a girly shape and don't just run amok everywhere. 

I've also realized I wear a LOT of black, mixed with grey. After that, I own a few shirts in other colors, but I rarely wear them. Black has become my color.

I've also been trying to get a picture with every product in the various colors. I have the eye products covered pretty well, but now I'm working on getting a picture of all the different lip sticks, lip stains, etc. 

I'm getting better at finding good lighting and using my self timer on my camera. 

If you are interested, you can follow that blog at Lipstick, Lashes & Foundation, Oh My!

But what I have enjoyed the most is seeing the change in myself. Last summer, I snapped a selfie as I was walking into the college to take my final test for the semester. I had worked hard to finish early in hopes to go camping several weekends before the fall semester started. I had no idea that a week later my ex would leave me for another woman. 

Each time I looked at that dress in my closet, I couldn't bring myself to wear it. It always reminded me of that day and how happy I was, how happy I thought we were. 

This week, I decided I was only holding myself back and it was okay to wear my favorite dress again. I then decided to take a picture to compare with. Holy crap! I barely recognize myself. So much has changed since then. Back then, I was living in a false sense of security and a so called "happy" marriage. I've switched to contacts and dropped about 50 pounds. I've learned that I can not only live alone, but thrive on my own. Most importantly, I've learned that true happiness can only be found in God. 

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