Saturday, March 18, 2017

New Bed

For years now, I've been slowly buying the Winner's Only Mango Furniture Set. I bought the coffee and sofa table well over 5 years ago and have been slowly buying the collection since then. A few years ago, I was able to buy the TV stand and the tall bedroom dresser. Last fall, I added the small end table to my living room. That left me with just the bed frame and end tables. Since the divorce, it has been my goal to buy a new bed. 

I've been saving money for a few months, but when I did my taxes, I was able to have enough money after I got my tax return. I really wanted to buy a new mattress at the same time, but that will have to wait for a year or two. 

On Monday night, my brother came over and helped me take apart my old bed frame. I was able to sell it on Facebook, but they weren't sure when they could come get it, so I wanted to have it ready for them. That meant sleeping on the floor for a few nights on just my mattress, but I kind of enjoyed it. 

On Friday, they delivered and set up my new bed. I also ordered one matching bedside table to go with it. 

I also decided to splurge and buy a new bedding set at the same time. 

Its been 8 months since the ex moved out, but I can't believe how refreshing it was to sleep on a new bed. It felt like another piece falling into place for my new life. I love that I can say it is my bed. Well, and the cats of course. And hopefully I'll be able to buy a new mattress in the next year and have any traces of the ex completely out of my bedroom.

All the kitties enjoying the new bedding. 

The only item in the furniture set I don't have, but wish I did, is the kitchen table. Unfortunately, it is too large to fit into my small kitchen. So I guess that will have to wait until they come out with a smaller version or I move into a place with a larger kitchen.

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  1. I LOVE it! How fun! The kitties seem to LOVE the new comforter too. ;)