Friday, August 25, 2017

Dinosaur Museum with Valex and Daxsen

On Tuesday, my sister and I took the boys to the dinosaur museum. 

I went with them a few years ago. Its fun to see how much they have grown and changed since then. The last time we were there, it seemed like they spent forever in the kids section. This year, we buzzed right through it and were more fascinated with the large fossils and sculptures. 

The boys scary faces turned out so good, I had to try one too. I think they did it better than I did. 

I wanted more pictures with the boys, but they are going through the stage where they don't like pictures, so I took pictures of just myself instead. 

Nope, I can't even sneak a picture in with Daxsen. 

I did make their mom take a picture of the 3 of us in front of the t-rex. 

I didn't know about this, but apparently the community members are painting rocks and then hiding them around town. If you find one, you take a picture with it (to post to their FB page) and then you can rehide it, either in the same location or somewhere else. While at the dinosaur museum, Daxsen found this rock. 

Of course with 2 boys, and only one rock, there was a pouting session for a little while. But then we found another rock and cheered up a little bit. But only a little bit because our rock was smaller. Never mind that it was prettier and smaller, which would make it harder to find, so shouldn't the glory be in that. Nope, when you are 7, bigger is better. Both rocks were found at the museum and rehid there as well. 

We weren't quite ready for lunch, so we decided to go to a park and play and look for more rocks. We decided to drive out of town and check out the Remember the Maine park. 

It took some looking, but I finally found a rock along the fence line. Valex was still in the car, pouting and playing on his phone. So I went and got him and took him near the rock so he could be the one to "find" it. Then he decided to rehide it in a tree. 

A few months ago, I ordered a few shirts on Amazon. I thought I ordered one in red, white and black, but I must have clicked the black one twice because my order came with two. I offered to let Vanessa buy it from me so I wouldn't have to hassle with sending it back. We both laughed when we wore the same shirt. 

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  1. Looks like a fun day! I've seen posts on fb about those rocks, but that's fun that you found some! I know some are prize rocks too like for a free doughnut at Get Glazed, etc.