Friday, August 25, 2017

Fishing with Preston and Tyler

 On Monday, I decided to take the day off and go fishing with my nephews Preston and Tyler. I picked them up early that morning, and then we headed to Talmage to meet their grandpa.

I think Percy was trying to sneak into my backpack so he could go with me.

While I was there, I took a few minutes to say hello to an old friend. 

Sage seemed to remember me and was happy to see me. 

She's still as bouncy as I remember her being, so it was hard to get a good picture. 

I've missed having a dog to keep my company. About every 3 months, I will text my cousin and tell her I want a dog. Her job is to remind me that my yard is too small and I don't have the time to give a puppy the attention they would need. That's the great thing about cats; they are low maintenance. Give them food and change the litter box and they are pretty much okay on their own. But a puppy would take more time and training and I just can't offer that while I'm in school. Add to that, my tiny yard and how I think they would deserve more room than that... a dog will just have to wait until I am done with school. 

We decided to go to Lower Stillwater to go fishing. We got up there around 11 and got the boys set up to catch some fish. Unfortunately, it wasn't a great fishing day and we only ended up catching 2 fish all day. 

Monday was also the solar eclipse. I was worried we would miss it because of the clouds. But they did clear up long enough for us to watch it through Matt's welder's hood. 

I love these boys so much. I'm glad I got to spend the day with them and their grandpa. 

The first fish was on my pole, so I had Preston reel it in. 

Its not the best picture, but I took a picture of the eclipse through the welder's hood. A few people asked me if I noticed any changes during the eclipse. It did get darker, but I think the weirdest thing was I had cell service during those hours. I don't think I've ever been fishing there before and had service. But while watching the eclipse, I started getting text messages. I even responded to them. Then about 2 hours later, my phone went back to saying no service was available. 

Grandpa had also made a solar eclipse viewing box. It didn't work near as good as the welder's hood. 

Towards the end of the day, Tyler finally caught a fish. I love that he packed his pole and the fish in the net to his grandpa. 

Tyler LOVES to fish. And to eat them. He took both of them home that day and his mom cooked them the next day for his birthday dinner. 

I wish the boys had caught more fish. But it was a beautiful day and we still had lots of fun. 

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  1. How fun that you got to see Sage! Glad she is happy and bouncy as ever. :) The eclipse was pretty awesome! Glad you got to see it up there with the nephews. :)