Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Percy - The Cat Who Knows No Limit

This post is mostly about Percy, pretty much because he is the most entertaining cat I've had in a while. With Percy, no area is off limits. And everything is his. Even the garbage in the bathroom, which is apparently a treasure chest to him. He is in the garbage upstairs ALL.THE.TIME. Seriously, all the time. I counted this morning and caught him in there a dozen times in the hour it took me to get ready. 

I usually keep the downstairs bathroom closed. But when I was cleaning it a few weeks ago, I caught him in that garbage also. 

Poor Blue. I got Percy so Blue could have a playmate. Apparently I forgot to ask Blue if that was okay. 

But sometimes, they do get along. 

 My kitchen counters are no longer a safe place.  When I have my back turned, he only need 2 seconds to get up there. I now have to lock the cats in the bedroom when I cook or have guests over for dinner. 

His new favorite thing is to sit on the lip of the tub while I shower. He'll even get brave and stick his head in sometimes. Just this morning, he reached under the liner and pawed at my leg. I think its cute, but my fear is he will fall in one day and use my leg as a climbing post to escape. 

Here he is, again, digging for treasure.  

 I'm sure glad I have these crazy kitties to keep me company and keep my heart full. But mostly, they just keep the bed warm. 

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  1. He has gotten so big! The picture of Blue and Percy cuddling is adorable! I also love the one of Gaby and Percy by the front door and the one of the 3 of them on the bed. So cute with their arms on each other. :)