Thursday, April 6, 2017

Scrapbook Retreat 2017

Last weekend was the annual Scrapbook Retreat, put on by my Close to My Heart Consultant. It was at the Hidden Springs lodge again this year. As always, it was fun. She always cooks amazing meals, I have a great time visiting with friends and I get to scrapbook until 2 am. 

Since going back to school, I have fallen behind in getting my pictures scrapbooked. So this year, I decided to use the premade layouts I had instead of making my own. I did alter a few of them, but I was able to find layouts to go with nearly all of my pictures. In the end, I finished 30 pages with pictures and even made a few layouts to use in the future. Here is just a snap shot of some of my favorites. 

Friday was a little rough. As I looked at pictures of my nephews, I remembered how much I love them and how much I miss them. We've done our best to stay in contact, but its not the same. I miss the birthday parties and other family dinners. I think I could do much better with the whole divorce if I hadn't lost that piece of my family so much. 

But then I started to look at pictures of me and I can see how far I've come. Last year wasn't all bad. I was able to graduate with my Associate's Degree, I was promoted, and I learned to love myself. I know I still have some healing to do (my sudden breakdown last night is proof of that), but I know I have come a long ways and I know that everything will be okay. 

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