Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Thanksgiving Point - Ropes Course

For Christmas, my mom announced that she was planning a family trip as our present. The time finally arrived and we had the trip this last weekend. It was 2 packed days of fun, with a ton of pictures, so I'm going to break it up into a few posts. 

Friday morning, my sister in-law, Kira, and I drove out together. John had just started a new job and couldn't get the day off., but he was able to join us late Friday night and all day Saturday. I'm glad Kira was able to ride out with me and we could spend some time together. 

Our first stop was Thanksgiving Point. After the long drive, I needed to use the restroom. As I was headed that direction, I heard my mom ask if I was going to do the ropes course, and then I heard Alden respond, "of course she is." I had no idea what I had just agreed to. 

We had about an hour until our scheduled time, so we explored the museum a little bit. Then at 11:30, we met at the assigned door. When they marched upstairs and I saw the harnesses, I wondered if this was something I really wanted to do. But there was no backing out. My mom stayed out, to watch the nephews and was able to take pictures. I'm so glad she did so I could have proof of what I did. 

There was myself, Vanessa, Kira, Alden, Charlotte and then a few other older kids in our group.  Honestly, I was terrified. After a few obstacles, I was ready to head back to the main area and quit. But watching those younger kids made me realize I had nothing to fear. After that, I did better. I think I ended up doing each obstacle at least twice, some three times. 

The tight rope were my least favorite. 

The beam looked scary and I wasn't going to do it, but in the end, it ended up being my favorite part. I did have to hold onto my harness, but I was able to breeze across by my third time. 


I take that back. The double tight rope was my least favorite! But I did make my way across it. 

I'm glad my brother didn't give me a chance to say no. The rope course ended up being a lot of fun and it was just what I needed to start the weekend of fun. 

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