Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Thanksgiving Point - Curiosity Muesem

Before we went to the Ropes Course, we had a few minutes to explore. I thought this thing was pretty cool, I even climbed my way to the top. 

The family, minus John because he had to work. 

At one point, I got bored, so I wondered outside to look around. I found a walking trail with a small pond in the center. 

Inside the museum, they have an area you can explore, climb and a ton of other stuff. My mom, Kira and I worked our way to the top. I thought the swinging bridges were pretty cool. 

Daxsen did NOT want to smile for a picture. I took it anyways. 

 Another cool part was this net tower. The bottom half, you could climb your way up, but I did not have the upper body strength for that. Instead, I went to the top and fell down to the middle. 

Literally, I fell. 


One of the things about being single is I don't have anyone to take my picture. Since I love pictures, I take a lot of pictures. I love that my mom got a picture of me taking a selfie. 

This was just after I had fallen down the net and the selfie my mom caught me taking. I got a lot of funny looks this weekend when taking selfies. But I decided I don't care. I want picture of me having fun and living life and if I have to take them myself, then I will. 

I had to get a picture of how Valex was eating his chips. He stacked them and then ate them like a sandwich. 

It was hard to break out of my shell. Pre-divorce, the ex would've hated this kind of thing, which in turn would have made me miserable. So its just further proof that my life has improved since he walked out. I loved that I was free to fully enjoy spending time with my family and doing things I normally wouldn't have done before. 

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