Monday, May 29, 2017

Orlando Day 6 - Paycon Day 4

My goal this year, was to be active. To speak up in class and ask questions. To make new friends. I wanted to learn, but I wanted to enjoy myself. I don't want to stand in the corner anymore, I want to be out there doing things. It would seem that worked because by the end of the week, I was showing up in a few of the photographer's pictures on the Congress Facebook page. 

That night, after classes ended, we decided to go to Disney Springs and find a place to eat. We had to take 2 vehicles, so I rode with Adriann and then we met the other ladies there. 

We went to a yummy Cuban Restaurant. We started with a toast to new friendships. 

It was my last night in Orlando and I celebrated with a black and white Sprinkles cupcake. 

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