Monday, May 29, 2017

Orlando - Day 4 - Paycon Day 2

On Wednesday, our motivational speaker was Jeff Civillico. He has a show in Vegas and was hilarious. Some of the pictures are mine, but the rest I was able to download from the Congress Facebook page. 

During the show, he mentioned it was his birthday. So when he finished, and went to leave the stage, they had a birthday cake, with a candle, for him. 

Checking out the expo hall with two of my new friends, Adriann and JoAnn. 

The night, the entertainment was a Cher impersonator. I had been hot in my classes all day, so I decided to change before heading to the show. During the show, I went up with a ton of other ladies to be back stage dancers for one of the songs, but I don't have any pictures. 

That night, I enjoyed the dark chocolate Sprinkles cupcake. 

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