Monday, May 29, 2017

Orlando - Day 3 - Paycon Day 1

Classes started Tuesday morning. They pack in a ton of education, but also find a way to make it fun. I felt like I ran non stop all week. I learned a lot and can't wait to implement it into my job. 

That night, our motivational speaker was Mark Schulman. He has played for bands like Billy Joel and Pink. He was awesome.

After the day ended, I started to head back to my room. I was halfway back, but then I decided to turn around and go find the meet and greet with Mark Schulman so I could get my picture with him. It was the best decision I made all week. When I found the room where the reception was, I walked up to two ladies in line and offered to take their picture if they would take mine. After we were done, they went to walk away and I told them that I didn't know anyone there and I was hoping I could hangout with them that night. We ended up being friends and hanging out the rest of the week, along with a few other ladies. 

There was a professional photographer there all week. I was able to find several pictures that I was in and download them from Facebook to use. 

The other exciting part of the week happened that night. The event was hosted by Rapid Pay Card. They had a few different drawings that night, including 2 Coach bags. My new friend, Adriann, won the first one in a lip sync contest. As the night was almost, the rest of the group decided to call it a night and they gave me their tickets. 

I had noticed the line to the other photo booth was short, so I decided to go check it out. Right as my picture was printing, they started the drawing for the last purse. I only had my ticket number memorized, so I ran back to the table to get the rest of the tickets and check the number.

I was so excited when they called my number! Right as I realized I won, another guy started to hoop. I grabbed my ticket, turned to him and declared I had the winning ticket. I was so excited I won. 

It was a cute purse, but not one I would have picked out on my own. The next day, I stopped at their booth in the expo hall and asked if I could trade it in for a different one. I figured the worst they could do was say no. 

To my delight, they let me trade and I picked out this cute one instead. I love it. 

That night, I got back to my room just in time to catch the tale end of a fireworks show, and the hotel laser light show. 

That night, I enjoyed the vanilla cupcake I had bought at Sprinkles

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  1. I still thinks it's so cool that you won a COACH bag!