Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Daxsen's 1st Day of School

Last year, I was able to go with Vanessa and Valex to his very first day of school. This year, Vanessa invited me to go with her and Daxsen. 

Daxsen was the complete opposite of his brother. He was ready to GO! He pretty much ran the entire way there. When we told him to stop for pictures, he climbed the gate. He was sooooo excited!

And then he was over having his picture taken.

Daxsen has the same teacher that Valex did last year. I'm sure with her many years of teaching experience she has already learned that just because kids are siblings, doesn't mean they are the same. If not, she will learn that fast. 

Thanks Vanessa for letting me a part of this big day. 

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