Monday, August 15, 2016

New Couch

 As I start this new stage of my life, I am excited to make my home all about me. I've always had to decorate around hunting heads and a lot of my other decor was western themed. I didn't love it, but I always did my best to make it feel like our home. 

I realize I'll have to do everything in stages, I can't afford to change everything at once. I have big plans. A new bed and bedding, a kitchen table, and a couch are the biggest items. I also want to redo my bathrooms and maybe add a few shelves in my spare bedroom and upstairs bathroom. I figured it would take me a while to afford these items, but last week I decided I hated my couch and I couldn't stand it another day. 

Before we got this couch, it belonged to a family with 5 children. He loved how long it was, but I hated how the cushions were so flat. Over the last year, I had decided it was the most uncomfortable couch ever, but there was always something else I wanted, so I put off looking for a new one. 
Last Sunday, I had the urge to move my furniture around my living room. The funny part is I pushed the TV stand to each corner, but it ended up right back where it started. (But I did move my coffee table and sofa table around.) As I was moving things around, I kept thinking about how much I hated that couch. So I went to a Facebook yard sale group and started looking. I didn't think I'd find anything, but then I stumbled across a black leather love seat. It was perfect!

I spoke with the lady and let her know I was interested, but I would need to find someone to haul it for me. I had a few friends volunteer, but it would be a day or two before they could. She said she didn't mind delivering it, but she had another person interested; they were just trying to find the money. So I ran to the bank and pulled out the money and told her I'd take it. 

When she delivered it, I thanked her for being an answer to my prayer. Having a new piece of furniture is just what I needed. I had received my divorce paperwork to review on Friday, but I kept putting it off. I wasn't ready to face it yet. But as I sat on my new couch, I realized that I can do this. I can start over and make a new life for myself. 

Blue is obsessed with the new couch. He loves to roll around on it.

I actually didn't get rid of the old couch for a few days, so I had to shove it in my hallway. It was like going through an obstacle course to get to my kitchen. Gaby doesn't like change, so she continued to sit on the old couch until it was gone. Only then, did she finally check out the new couch. 

Seriously, Blue is such a nut.

Some days it is hard to be alone. But other days, I love discovering who I am on my own. This couch is only the beginning of my new life. 


  1. Good for you! A friend of mine went through this a few years ago, and she loved making her home about her. You deserve it.

  2. I love that Gaby didn't check out the new couch until after the old couch was gone!