Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Living Room

Thanks to some wonderful friends, I have been able to redecorate my living room. I might add a few more things, but I love that this space is all mine now. 
When I got my new couch, I moved the furniture around. The coffee table used to be in front of the couch, but it just made the room feel small. I pushed it to a wall and that really opened the room up.

This wall hanging was what I loved most out of what Jana gave me. He still has most of his stuff in my house, including hunting heads. I was going to wait until he came to get everything this weekend, but I decided I was done looking at the deer and antelope hanging on my walls. So I took them down and hung other things instead. It will be such a relief when he gets all of his possessions out of my home. 

On Saturday, Andrew let me know that they had this cute end table in that matched the rest of my furniture. With the coffee table against the wall, I've missed having a space for my water and the TV remotes. So I bought the end table to go next to my couch. I've slowly been buying this furniture set for years now. I think all I have left to buy is the bed and the night stand for my bedroom. They also have a table, but its too big for my little kitchen. 

Redecorating my home has been one of my joys during this storm. Thanks to everyone that has made it possible. I truly am blessed. 


  1. All the stuff she gave you to decorate with is SUPER cute! I can see why you love the flower wall hanging. ;) I'm so glad you got the little end table. :)

  2. I followed your old blog for a long time... years. Even though I'm not especially religious and we think differently on many issues, I was often drawn back to see what words of comfort and faith you had. You seem very positive even with everything you've gone through. I always thought "she's very wise for someone so young!" And, (believe me) you are super young... You have the education, the drive, the faith, the friends, the family, the skill, the interest, the work ethic, the experience, the maturity, the class and the optimism to own The Future. I'm 46 (my grandmother's 103) and I would be blessed with half of your faith in particular. I sometimes find it hard to pray because I have trouble with the idea of a God who is both all Good and All Powerful (and honestly, I've never really suffered). But you sure do give me inspiration. Expecting great things from you Savannah. Will be rooting for you in Boston. CMarie :)