Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mr. Percy Cat

When my husband left, he left Sage at the house for the 1st night. The next day he showed up and took her. I'm not a dog person, but I immediately missed her. Since then, I've been looking at getting another pet. I went to the shelter one day, but they were closed. A few days later, I found a Corgi for adoption in Salt Lake. I applied to adopt him, but by the time they got to my application, he was already placed in another home. I am on their approval list for 6 months, so I will continue to look. Until then, I might try to plant grass in my back yard and see if I can get it to grow. 

I also had a few friends offer me a kitten, but they just never felt quite right. I had almost decided to hold out for a munckin kitten, until I got on Facebook Saturday morning. Ashley Valley Community Cats announced it was adoption day at the Vernal and Orem Petco Stores. I commented and asked if they had any orange kittens. They had a few, including a pretty longhair one. I asked if that one would be in Vernal and they said yes. So without even applying my makeup, I headed that way.

I got there just a few minutes before they arrived with all the cats up for adoption. They were all so cute, but I was glad I had made up my mind before, or I might have adopted them all. As they were setting up the tables, one of the ladies asked if I was looking for a certain cat. I showed her the one on Facebook, only to discover that they had sent that one to Orem! But she said they had another one that looked pretty similar. She found Oliver and set us up in the play room to get acquainted. He immediately purred and I was immediately in love. I spent several minutes with him while I waited for them to finish setting everything up and once they weren't so busy, I went out and started the paperwork. $40 and thirty minutes later, he was mine. 

As expected, it took Gaby and Blue a few days to adjust. It also took me a few days to settle on a name. I tried several different names, but finally settled on Mr. Percy. I'm not sure why, but its probably because he purred for 3 days straight. 

I got him in hopes he would play with Blue so Blue would quit harassing Gaby so much, but it was actually Gaby who finally decided to be friends first. It took Blue another day before he didn't hiss each time Percy got close. 

I love this picture of Blue, so I had to include it in this post. My coffee table used to be in front of the couch, but I decided to push it against a wall. The cats seem to think it is now their personal spot; they are on there all the time. Actually, they are getting bad at being on other things they shouldn't be on either. They must know I don't enforce the rules as well as someone else used to. 

I think he has the prettiest eyes. 

I've loved having a new kitten. He's actually a little bit more calm then Blue or Gaby were as kittens. 

But he is quickly learning the habits of the others. Like how to beg when I am eating dinner. 

Gaby was trying to steal my roll. She later succeeded when I left to take a walk and forgot to put the extra ones away. I came back to a half eaten roll on the floor. 

Percy may be the new kitten, but Blue is still my baby boy. He gets jealous when I hold the new kitten. Blue is also still the one who always come when I call and to cuddle me at night. 

Aw, brothers. 5 minutes later, they were fighting, again, just like brothers. 

I came downstairs one day to hear Percy crying. I finally found him like this. I have no idea how he got in there and he had no idea how to get out. 

They make it very hard to study, but they also comfort me when I cry at night. They can be a pain at times, but they are worth it. Even when the automatic cat box quits and I have to go back to hand scooping it every day. Luckily, my cousin took pity on me and gave me hers. 

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  1. Such adorable kitties...all of them! Did your new hand me down litter box quit?!! I hope not!