Monday, August 15, 2016

Nights are by far the hardest part of the day. The first few nights, I couldn't even make myself climb under the covers. I just slept on top with a small blanket to keep me warm. So when one friend asked how they could help me, I told them I needed a large blanket I could cuddle into. She checked with her sister and asked her to make me a large minky blanket. (Seriously, this family is the best!) I am in love with this blanket. It has held me through many tears and will continue to do so as God heals my broken heart. 

I was going to order new bedding, but I have decided to get a new bed first. This bed is too large for just me and I'm ready to downsize. But until then, this blanket is perfect to keep me warm at night. One day, I hope to be strong again and be able to help others as they face something difficult the way my friends have helped me. 

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